AWOL – Gone Surfing, Stopped Writing

Sufabella has been neglected


There I’ve admitted it. Apart from finally becoming and some design gubbins going on behind the scenes, I have not put pen to paper for 3 weeks. For the last year my writing has been centred around the strive to surf more as a landlocked, non-driver with a full time job. However, I’ve addressed some of these obstacles and a new life where I can surf more is starting to take over. The bottom line is , I have less time for writing .

Some awesome things have been happening , a recent trip to Llangennith was superb even if the waves were not brilliant every day. I had a really good reconnect with my surf bloke bff who I rarely see, we had big laughs in the sea which we recently haven’t as  he’s out back being all good and I’m sobbing with frustration  in the white water like a giant baby.

We met the awesome and amazing Carys and Sarah from Surf Señoritas. We had a fun little surf with them and I paddled out back for the first time since my injury last year, we had a mojito party in the sand dunes,  I bought a new board and I’ve been invited as a guest to Salt Rock’s Croyde View Festival this weekend. These are all things I’d normally write about. I’ve been scribbling words in a book when I can but, this has been reduced to bullet points and now I’m here writing about not having enough time to write rather than writing about surfing.

The end of invention or just a lull?

My worry is this , is it really lack of time that has stopped me posting or have I killed my inspiration? Do I need something to lament in order to be inspired to write? Am I like a rock band who write an amazing first album they can never quite match because the struggles and heartbreak they wrote so passionately about before success are over?

I know that I won’t document every surf trip I ever go on or detail every little surf related incident as these events are becoming more of the norm for me. I’ve even stopped taking 600 photos of me with my board, my board on the sand, me on my board, my board next to another board etc. come on, we have all done it.

I sound like I’m complaining don’t I? Starts blog to moan about not surfing, uses blog as a sounding board to help direct life to surf more, surfs more, moans about not writing. I wouldn’t swap it all for the world though. I guess this is just a lull in writing, I’m a bit busy and  tired and my focus has now shifted from trying to make things happen to being on the cusp of actually doing it, of having a surfing life.

It’s not all standing still at either. The new look site will be live soon, the artwork is almost done (thanks to The man with long legs who from now on I’ll just call JT)  and there’s other exciting things bubbling under the surface.

As September looms with the promise of warm Autumn swells, so does the possibility of massive adventures during my 13 weeks of freedom in the coming year. For now, I have to keep putting in the seven day weeks in my two jobs,  see friends and family in between, surf when I can and be grateful that I’m busy and exhausted for such a great reason . I’ve been busy living the life I was writing about trying to get.

Perhaps writing is much like surfing, you spend most of the time waiting for waves and when the swell comes you had better be ready! Maybe I should just learn to enjoy the lulls x

7 thoughts on “AWOL – Gone Surfing, Stopped Writing

  1. kate says:

    I have just come across your blog and I too am a landlocked lover of the ocean and surfing. I also have been blogging for almost 6 years on and off.
    I recently made my blog private due to a career change but still get the urge to write. Sometimes bligs serve a purpose and run their course other times they lead on to new and exciting adventure. Perhaps yours is just changing direction like the waves 🙂
    Follow your heart and stay true to yourself. Kate xx

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  2. surfbella says:

    HI Kate, thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. I think after writing this post I realised it’s a lull.Liike you say, I think things are just changing direction. Keep on with your blog and writing even if it’s just for you. Where are you based? x


    • kate says:

      Ah I don’t think I could ever stop writing but maybe a new venture is due for me now 🙂 I am based in landlocked Letchworth Garden City in the heart of Hertfordshire. I tend to surf in Wales when visiting family. Would love to brave it and surf abroad – challenging as a single mum who’s friends are all settled and not at all interested in venturing past the next two towns lol xx


      • surfbella says:

        Never stop writing if you love it. You shold join the Surf Senioritas on facebook, there’s lots of mums, some single who are trying to find the time to surf . The group helps you connect with other surf senioritas near you or to meet up at the coast, it’s great follow the link in the post, tell them surfabella sent you. xx


  3. landlocked surfgirl says:

    I loved this post! Go with flow and let it unfold. Your story is evolving all the time and that’s the beauty of our landlocked surf journeys – you never know where they are going to lead! Look forward to our catch up after our surf trips 🙂 x

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    • surfbella says:

      Yup, it certainly is and remember my prediction last time we met up! Have a greta trip, not surfing together this time but, it won’t be long until the next one. Look forward to our next Landlocked meet up too x

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  4. Jo Marr says:

    Great post, and awesome to hear that you’re able to surf more! It’s awesome when it becomes such a huge part of your life. Can’t wait to hear more of your stories xx

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