Lockdown Ponderings #1

If just social media posts were used as a historical source in the future for kids to learn about how  people in western society got through the lock down it would paint a picture of a nation in incarceration having a whale of a time.  Women taking the classic, ‘from above selfies’ in Jackie O glasses, drinking wine in bikinis.  Mostly guys demonstrating their strength in # challenges, drinking beer with no tops on.

It would also appear that the  whole nation got really fit and ate delicious well-presented, restaurant quality  food, everyone was ‘#more kind’ and we all had a great time in our gardens equip with paddling pools and home work out equipment, while drinking wine. We also decorated our houses, cleaned our cars and had good old fashioned, wholesome fun baking and crafting, while drinking wine.

Fortunately, there are more sources than just Insta or prick- tok . Perhaps this will be one of them. Hello  person at school with a boring project  from the year 3000, has much changed? Are we living underwater yet?

Truth is, we didn’t wash our hair much, we had several existential crises and  we ate grated cheese straight from the packet for diner with a spoon . We struggled working from home without the support of our colleges when our clients were in need and we were emotionally drained. We drank wine alone, walked in and out of rooms aimlessly and contemplated  taking up smoking again.  We wondered when we might next touch a human being or share a laugh face to face with loved ones and we googled ‘ coivd 19 symptoms’ approximately 832 times a day.  There are of course two sides to every coin and I’ll share that in my next post.

My name is Clare, I live alone . This is my lock down and yes my glasses did steam up because of the mask.





One thought on “Lockdown Ponderings #1

  1. Scott says:

    You couldn’t be more accurate in your description of how the lockdown has affected all of us. Fortunately for us, now that we’re over a year from the COVID-19 breakout, we can now go out and enjoy some of the things we used to. Interestingly, more people have taken up surfing as soon as the restrictions were eased. I guess they’re compensating for last year’s lack of adventure. The thrilling excitement of surfing can be really addictive indeed. The Olympics committee has decided to add it to their list of competitive sports for the next Olympics. Read about it here:



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