The End of Surfabella?

This time last year I was knocking out mildly amusing, vaguely interesting blog posts regularly. I’m not sure what’s happened in the last six months. It looks like as I surfed more and spent a lot of time at the coast the urge to write has dwindled. Finally  moving here two months ago, rather than fuelling a creative fire has done quite the opposite . There’s nothing. You’d imagine I’d have stories about the build up to moving, funny tales about my new city, new friends and adventures but, there’s nothing. Nada, niente, niks, nic, nichts.  I’ve even resorted to repeating words in different languages to make up my word count.

Longing for the sea was my muse and now I’m here my writing mojo has just got up and walked out of the door, flipping the bird at me on the way out. I shouldn’t do it, but I do compare myself to the other blogs I follow and wonder am I doing this all wrong?  Other bloggers are pumping out these lists posts, 20 ways to improve your surfing, 5 surf camps you must visit, 6 tips for buying a wetsuit. This list writing seems to be popular, everyone is liking and sharing them and I have wondered if it could help me to do some list posts to get things rolling again but, it’s just not me, I have tried but, it just doesn’t fit with my subject matter.

Is it even important that I write blog posts? Why do I even have a blog? I think it’s just important to me that I write regularly because I love it, because I like sharing it with other people and well, not writing is like a musician not playing their instrument. Saying that a musician would still get enjoyment from playing a guitar alone, where nobody can hear so there’s definitely some element of showing off in my motivation to write on Surfabella.


For some help and inspiration, I typed ‘writers block’ into google and guess what? Writers Block: 27 ways to crush it forever, 41 tips to overcome writers block, 7 ways to beat writers block, 10 types of writers block. More lists. Is this even writing? Maybe I’m just not moving with the times.

Looking back at all of the posts I have written, I realise I’m telling a story, my story. I’m not trying to be a cool kid, writing lists for likes, I just want to write in my own voice.

Perhaps a blog isn’t the right arena for the type of writing I want to do.  I already have a story being included in the next edition of the book, Legacy of Stoke which is a real honour. Is this where I should be concentrating my efforts?

So, is this the end of Surfabella Blog? I’m not sure. Unless inspiration suddenly makes an appearance and I’m genuinely excited about posting then yes, maybe. Don’t give up on me just yet though, this could simply  be a momentary lapse of reason, a slight change of direction as in what I want to a write, maybe a book, maybe short stories.  Or it could be a giant sulk at having come back to work after a marvellous 10 days off.

Muchos Amore

Surfabella x


5 thoughts on “The End of Surfabella?

  1. Kernow surfgirl says:

    A similar thing happened when I moved to Cornwall last year. I kept asking myself ‘why does anyone care about my surfing’. I went with the flow and just blogged if I felt like it but stayed true to my original vision of blogging about my journey and said no to all the product review requests…unless it was something I was genuinely into. Over time the blog has evolved and now people contact me to say it’s inspirational what I’ve done (i.e. moving). I guess what I’m saying is don’t stop blogging but don’t put pressure and try a force it. If list posts aren’t your thing…don’t do it. You may find now you’ve moved that the blog evolves in a different direction and you’ll have new things to write about. I would miss your posts so much because I love your writing. It’s one of the blogs I follow that I get a big smile on my face when it pops up in my reader. Take some time and just go with it xxx

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    • surfbella says:

      Thanks love. I did think of when you had a drift from your blog after moving too. I thought maybe to try what everyone else is doing to get things moving but, its not my style really as its quite journo / magazine style which im not. Im doing the short story challenge for a week from 21st Jan. That should help get me writting again. Thanks for all of your support. Much love x

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  2. 1stpeaksteve says:

    At times, I really can not believe how long my little site has been going. On free WordPress as well which many say is the kiss of death. But I am just keeping to a basic concept which is to write as I feel. No lists, no re-blogging other writers and no give aways to gain followers. Well, maybe if I had a company sponsoring things then I would change my mind. But as of now, not a priority.
    On another subject, I am very interested to read your story coming out soon and to hear your feelings on the experience. My story was cut down a bit but I can see why from the publishers perspective. But overall, I am very happy to have been chosen.


    • surfbella says:

      Thanks for the comment Steve. I’m really struggling to write here this year. Maybe this huge life change of relocating, new job and having to move twice since I got here has thrown things off somewhat on the writing front. Who knows. Your concept of write as you feel is a sound one and I see similarities in the way we write with this approach. Im stoked about the book. I’m expecting my story to be heavily edited but, I’m ok with that as Im not a professional and the editors are. It’s very odd that it’s available to buy on Amazon and yet I haven’t seen it myself yet.


      • 1stpeaksteve says:

        Well, to some degree you have an idea about my issues as well. It really seems that from my lay off from my previous employer; the balance in my life has been thrown completely off. A lot of heartaches and headaches but it also has shown me some valuable areas to grow personally. And sadly it has exposed a few close friends as being frauds.
        The book has been great for me in many ways but I still find it odd that it is our stories (the contributors) and no one contacted us or spoke to us. Even to do an interview and not really know the people behind the stories you are putting out is off putting. I just chalk it up as a person jumping into a project and maybe by book #4 they will get it. Learning…


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