Come to Morocco November 2016


3rd to  10TH  or 5th to 12th November 2016 depending on which flights you prefer


Have you ever fancied learning to surf? Are you looking for a new experience on holiday? Do you practice yoga at home or want to give it  a try for the first time?

Are you already surfing but, want to progress?  Are you stuck in the white water or afraid to push yourself out of your comfort zone?

Are you a solo traveler who enjoys the independence of being alone but the companionship of a group when you want it? Are you a group of friends looking to do something amazing together?


Come on my next trip to Surfstar Morocco 

Check out their website here and Facebook page here and excellent trip advisor here 

what to expect on a surfstar trip

Click HERE for a recent video made by the Surfstar team

Surfstar Morocco is a beautiful surf/yoga camp (house) in  Tamraght , about 30 minutes North of Agadir and two miles south of Taghazout. Surfstar is run bu Lucie and Momo and along with members of their family and other Moroccan staff they run a very, very, special place. You will make new friends, you will feel at home and you will very likely want to go back as soon as you leave.


Yoga takes place twice a day at 7.30 am and again in the evening after surfing and before diner. Yoga takes place on the private roof terrace with a view to the sea one side and the mountains the other side. Mats are provided. Yoga is for all abilities.




surf_symbolSurfing is for everyone, from first timers to people who have done it before and want to improve.  People are in groups according to their ability. We will go to different spots depending on the tides and conditions that day so you will get to see a few different places. We start the morning session leaving the house at 9.30am and once at the beach get suited up and have a fun warm up all together followed by a proper lesson in small groups with fully qualified and experienced instructors. After lunch which is also provided, it’s time to get back in the sea if you want and  practice surfing, play, have fun or just read a book and relax or even call it a day and head back to the house.  Surf instructors stay at the beach until the last person is out of the sea  at around 3.30pm so you are always safe in the water.


food-symbol-clipart-1The Food  food is included in the price apart from evening meal on Friday as it’s the chefs day off. The food is gorgeous. Breakfast is fruit, yogurt, cereals, fresh bread, jam and honey. Lunch is  make it yourself salads and sandwiches. In the morning you help yourself and label your pack up. The evening meal is always 3 courses and is restaurant quality, the tagines are amazing. Special dietary requirements are not an issue just let Surfstar know in advance. You also receive a large bottle of water every morning on the way out to surf so you don’t have to worry about finding a shop.


219dbbeefef0dcd45c869f58442ebc5bRooms all are slightly different and sleep 2, 3 or 4 . There are no bunk beds. There is a bathroom and kitchen shared between two rooms. Though there may be chatter and laughter on the roof at night it will not disturb those wanting to sleep early or chill out. Most people are happily exhausted anyway so a late night is around 11pm .

Cost and how to book

€470 per person per week surf package ,  you can then add yoga at 10€ per session with the 6th and 12th sessions free (pay as you go)  deposit 94 euro non-refundable with the balance due on arrival

€570 per person for the surf and yoga package 12 yoga Sessions included  deposit 114 euro non-refundable with the balance on arrival

Both of these packages include

  •  pick up and drop off at Agadir airport
  • all meals apart from Friday night
  • wetsuit and board rental
  • 6 days of surf lessons in the morning and supervised surf practice in the afternoons
  • transport to and from the beach
  • optional surf analysis with the surf instructors in the evening
  • accommodation in a beautiful Moroccan house in a shared room *

Bookings need to be secured with a deposit asap as places do fill up quickly and to guarantee rooms together

*you can ask about a private room when you send a booking enquiry

You will  need travel insurance, Morocco is covered under Europe for most travel insurance policies so check with your insurance provider.

To Secure Your Booking

Please email in the first instance to check availability. Once I have confirmed there are still spaces you will need to pay a 10% deposit to secure the booking.


You will need to book your own flights and make your way to and from the airport in the UK. Cheap flights are from LGW to Agadir with Easy Jet

If you make a booking please join the FACEBOOK group so we can possibly look at sharing transport to the airport and meeting up. There are already 4 ladies booked who have never surfed before and me.





Tired of Solo Surf Trips? How to brainwash your mates into coming surfing with you

UPDATE:   Today is a momentous day in the brainwashing process of my non surfing best mate. I’m about to pick up his first proper surfboard! It started slowly and recently the brainwashing produced a result. The purchase of a hood, boots and gloves and a lush winter surf at New Year was closely followed by a ‘ I’m hankering for a wave’,  and today the process is complete! Congratulations Long Legs, like Kelly Slater said, surfing is like the mafia, once your’e in you’re in. Welcome.

Read my original post below about how it all started.

Finally, I have done it. I convinced a non-surfer friend into coming on a surf trip in an attempt to make them into a surfer. Not a weekend in the UK, oh no. My non surf friend, who also had no inclination to visit Africa, is coming on a one week trip to Surfstar Morocco. Hehe, I’m good at this.

So why is this a triumph? Well, I don’t have any surf friends living anywhere near me, the nearest being a 3 hour drive away meaning there’s little opportunity for impulsive one night trips over to Wooly or Scarborough. To address this, like Dr.Frankenstein I’ve been trying to actually  make a surf friend, hopefully the outcome will be that at  least one of my mates will  occasionally say, ‘yes I’m in’ when I decide to drive the 3 hours to the sea for one night rather than me actually creating a monster.

Of course, I can go away alone and I’m not too bad at meeting new people, I’ve done this and I’ve loved it. Sometimes though, you just want an old pal to come along on a trip. You know where you are, your friendship has a familiar rhythm, you can have a full conversation including jokes with punchlines with just a funny look and no words, you know there’s someone there who will whoop your wave when necessary even if they didn’t see it, and vitally, they know what to order for you at the bar while you take ages over your post surf shower. More than anything though, is that you just want to share the wondrous thing that has taken over your life with your friend so they can experience even a little of that feeling themselves.

So, you see why I’m stoked that I convinced Long Legs into coming to Morocco. A whole week there with me, Surf Bloke and the SurfStar Morocco crew and he’s sure to want to surf again, meaning the possibility of an ocassional  surf buddy living just around the corner.  For anyone in the same position, trying to convert a friend this is how I did it.


Subliminal Messages. Two years of mentioning the words surf, sea and waves at least ten times an hour every time we meet even though we are not talking about surfing.

Gentle Suggestion,  England is so cold, did you know it’s 25 degrees today in Morocco? You really should get some winter sun you look tired and pale.

Great Expectations. The waves are perfect for learning and the teaching is fantastic you’ll be up on the first day (all true)

Tactical Gift Giving: Happy Christmas, here you go, have a rash vest.

Feigning Nonchalance.  ‘I haven’t booked my flight yet’   Me, nonchalantly and audibly, ‘whatever’.  Inside screaming, book the fucking flight now, I need to convert you.

Boobs: There will be loads of hot girls there in bikinis and yes they will need help with their sun cream. I’m ashamed of this, sorry in advance to all of the surf chicks in the world, I know this is a very low move.

Blatant Lying.  No, we won’t be surfing from dawn until dusk for 7 days and not see any of the culture and no you won’t get bruised ribs again.

While writing this post,  now that it’s all booked and paid for  I asked Long Legs for his version of what I said  when I was trying to sell a surf holiday to him and  this is the exact response I got .

‘It’s hot all year with more tagines than one man could possibly eat.  The water is like glass, not like Fuerte or Wales (the other 2 times he tried there were pretty rough conditions) so you’ll be up on the first day. The man brings you coffee on the beach. You can buy a rug for 50p and yet a bag of spice costs £50 (a reference to Surf Bloke who famously came back from Agadir with said bag of spices) Eldorado can be found up on the hill, there are goats in trees’

This made me laugh and realise that I’ve not really been sneaky  or strategic at all. I didn’t need to be.  I just told the truth about how fantastic Morocco is. Apart from not being able to guarantee glassy waves, the rest is true.  It would be nice if once in a while after this trip we do a surf weekend here or there but, if he gets really good, better than me during this week there’s going to be big trouble and we all know what happens when I sulk .

If you haven’t read my post Surf, Sulk and the Hulk click here to read it.